Admore Park

The main feature of this house will be the man-made fireplace above the television. This feature instantly warms up the whole house and add a focal point to the living room. This structure is also used as a separation between the dining area and living room.

Marina Bay Residence

This project features the cork elements. This design feature is reflected throughout the house, from the living room pole beams to the walls of the home office.

Leedon Residence

The main highlight of this project will be the black and white detailed beams in the ceilings. This design detailed is also reflected in the flooring designs, making sure that this design flow throughout the space. The wood element from the wine cellar is also mirrored in the walls. There are customised shelving in the […]

Nasim Park Residences

This project features dark and masculine tones, the design elements marry both the eastern and western design influences. The spiral staircase leading to the second level is the focal point of this project.

Parvis Residences

This residential unit reflects dark and muscular tones with black walls and wooden furnishings.

Rivervia Garden

This project has a light and modern design theme. The highlight of this project will be the glass walk-in wardrobe, with a modern bed headboard.


This project shows Cuban influences with the dark wood and hanging chandeliers. The marbled finishes create an air of luxury.

Tomlison Heights

This residential has high ceilings and we use this to incorporate several designs. Such as the magnificent curved staircase and floral lighting features in the living room.